Tire Care

"Regular tire maintenance ensures the safety of your vehicle and maximizes the longevity of your tires.

Tire Rotation/Balance

Proper tire balance improves the ride quality of your vehicle. Regular rotation maximizes tire life. If you feel a vibration in your steering or chassis , you may need to have the tires balanced. If your vehicle pulls to the left or right, a tire may be out of balance; this is also an indicator that the suspension may need inspected and the wheels aligned. Uneven wear patterns on your tires can be a sign of an alignment issue as well. We recommend rotating your tires every 6,000 to 8,000 miles. Check out the diagrams for proper tire rotation.

Tire Tread Depth

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The tread depth of your tires is crucial to the performance of your vehicle. Especially in wet or snowy road conditions, a good tire with sufficient tread depth is very important. You can inspect your tires by looking at the wear bars, narrow bands of rubber in the grooves of the tire's tread. If the tire's tread is down to the wear bar, it is time for new tires. Tires are considered unsafe when the tread measures 2/32". Stop by Halstead Tire today for a free tire inspection!

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Tire Care

A leading cause of tire failure is under-inflation. Check your tires regularly, at least once a month. By maintaining proper air pressure, you will maximize tread life, improve traction and handling, and ensure the safety of your vehicle. Irregular wear-patterns can be caused by under-inflated tires. You can also improve your fuel economy by having your tires set at the recommended pressure.

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